LEAP Survey Results and Forum Invitation

The Cortes Local Economic Action Plan (LEAP) is an initiative for the Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA). The LEAP goal is to foster community economic development through community engagement and planning. We are taking the Official Community Plan’s strategic vision, building on the multitude of ideas generated at our 2015 Economic Development Forum, weaving it with your further input gathered this year and building it into an Economic Action Plan.

In April, we launched this project at an event at Linnaea where we gathered your high-level context-setting ideas. Over the summer 230 of you completed our survey and 120 of you joined us for a series of focus group discussions. We are still working to compile all your focus group input, but we now have the results of the survey to share with you. Please find them attached to this article. Some highlights include:

Question 10 reveals that five income streams are almost equally important in our economy (employment, self-employment, government transfers and pensions, rental income, and investment income).

Question 15 shows that half of the respondents are “just” managing to meet their basic housing costs.

Question 18 indicates that over half of you are not satisfied with the current modes of transportation.

In question 23 most of you think the island’s economy is “a little anemic.”

“Housing issues” emerge as the main response in question 26 when asked what is holding the island back from reaching its full potential. And in question 27, “housing” again is the top recommendation for action.

We are now working on synthesizing your input, and bringing draft recommended actions for your review. We invite you to join us at our forum at Klahoose Multipurpose Building on Saturday, February 24, from 10 to 4, to hear some stories from other successful communities, review your input and kick around our recommended action steps.

We aim to release our final report and action recommendations later this spring.

Thanks to all of you who have already participated in one way or another. Please Join Us again for the February 24th Forum!

Colin Funk – CIBATA President & Helen Hall – LEAP Coordinator

See LEAP Survey results:  Cortes Island LEAP Results Oct_2017 (pdf)

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