Steering Committee Resources

Steering Committee

The LEAP Steering Committee formed in 2016 and was responsible for guiding the LEAP process and the development of the action plan, and providing direction to the LEAP consultant and coordinator.

The committee was composed of representatives from the island’s various economic sectors including: retail, health, building and trades, tourism medical marijuana, aquaculture, learning / professional development and social profit, together with the Regional Director and CIBATA President.

The committee met monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Pioneer Room at Manson’s Hall.  Meetings were open to all residents in a gallery setting.

LEAP Project History


Information gathered from the local community during community processes, including the development of the Official Community Plan (OCP), identify the economy is one of the greatest challenges to living on Cortes island.

Local citizens experience a difficult time finding work, earning a sufficient living to stay on the island and keep their children in school. As a result, Cortes is losing the younger generation of islanders, who are much needed to keep a diverse and thriving community alive.

The current situation on our island illustrates the urgent need to develop an island-appropriate focus on improving our economic situation, and the value of developing a Local Economic Action Plan for Cortes to act as a catalyst for new economic development initiatives and projects.

Economy and the Official Community Plan (OCP)

The 2012 OCP for Cortes sets out the economic development aspirations for the community, with the overall goal of:

“…developing a diverse and efficient local economy that provides stability and sustainable value to the community.”

The plan includes a number of economic objectives and policies. They include recognition of the need for a strategic approach to community economic development.

Examples include:

  • Encourage the creation of Cortes Economic Development initiative in order to consolidate and focus tourism, assist in start-ups, and develop value added opportunities
  • Encourage access to a local economic development officer to further value-added initiatives and sustainable economic development opportunities
  • Develop partnership opportunities with local private and public sector organizations, to achieve community improvements, external investment and joint marketing initiatives

Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA)

CIBATA was formed in 2012 as a not-for-profit organization to initiative holistic community development and economic development for local businesses.

CIBATA supports activities and initiatives that promote sustainable business and the island as a whole. While its focus was initially on developing sustainable tourism on the island, it is now focusing economic development, through the LEAP project.

Cortes Economic Development Forum

In 2015 CIBATA hosted an Economic Development Forum to explore various economic development models and opportunities for Cortes. The forum included presentations from other small communities including Hornby and Denman Islands. It generated a multitude of ideas from participants, and was met with great enthusiasm and a desire to progress economic development initiatives on the island.

LEAP Minutes (PDF)

20 Dec  2017

22 Nov 2017

25 Oct 2017

27 Sept 2017

23 Aug 2017

25 July 2017

28 June 2017

May 24 / 2017

March 22 / 2017

Feb 22 / 2017

April 26 / 2016

LEAP Agendas (PDF)

20 Dec  2017

22 Nov  2017

25 Oct  2017

27 Sept  2017

May 24  2017

April 26  2017

March 22  2017

Feb 22  2017

LEAP Support Team

Leap Consultant: Daniel Arbour

Daniel is responsible for designing and delivering the LEAP process, facilitating community engagement, undertaking relevant research and developing the action plan.

Daniel brings a background in community economic development. He works as a professional consultant and Administrator for the Hornby Island Economic Enhancement Corporation, and has produced a Local Economic Action Plan for Hornby.  He has also worked for EcoTrust Canada on economic development initiatives in Clayoquot Sound.

LEAP Coordinator: Helen Hall

Helen is responsible for coordinating LEAP meetings, events, and communications. She also provides support to the steering committee and assists Daniel with data analysis and documentation.

Helen has a background of program administration and project management gained from working in the social profit and local government sectors. She has been resident on Cortes for 3 years.


Leap Committee Members

Adam Schick   Chair

Noba Anderson Regional Director

Eric Hargrave Vice Chair

Colin Funk      CIBATA President      

Heather McKenzie

Bill Dougan

Romina Wendell

Fred Savage

Mark Lombard

Georgina Silby

Dave Nikleva

Dan Hilton

Terri Story

Mary Lavalle     Alternative Director